Monday, November 01, 2010

Three Days of Halloween

Well four if you count Thursday for Henry's joyschool.  And I was so lame this year that I didn't dress up for any of them.

Spongebob and Krabby Patty
Friday night was our ward trunk or treat. I brought chili and the kids got to go car trunk to car trunk gathering candy.

Saturday we joined Trent's parents for their ward party which had lots of food, fun, and candy as well.

Finally Sunday we had a party at my parents house. Yummy soups, rolls, chips, dips, and caramel apples. I cheated on my diet and allowed myself some real food. Now we're back to business today.
Mom and Avatar Michelle

Ted and Lauren

Landon and Karen

Mark and Karen

Karen and Grandma Donna

Karen and Ted

Charlotte, Nana, and Moqui


Skye said...

I freakin love the spongebob costume, that's great.

Emily said...

I miss you guys!! Was Landon Sweeny Todd?