Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I have neglected my blog for 2 weeks now

Not really sure why, just no desire in me at the moment. and still I have not gotten pictures on my computer, so a quick verbal update. We've been keeping busy with 3 separate soccer practices and games each week. Also I have been scouring the internet for lovely Christmas gifts to buy. I have decided to make some more headbands since I have not listed anything in the shop (see sidebar) for months and Abbie has been selling dozens of lovely earrings. I have been sketching as well, but that will take a little longer to get listed. I broke down and did the HCG diet that I swore I'd never do and lost about 15 lbs. however I am on to maintenance (and cheating horribly) and have gained 4 lbs back in a week! I am horrible. Hopefully I can keep the ten lbs off. So pretty much regular mom stuff. Now I am off to post some items I've been eyeing on my Oooh I want that blog.

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Unknown said...

Did you notice how festive I made the sidebar items? --->

Also, I got the new banner, and it's up now. Check it out.