Saturday, May 21, 2011

The big 3-0

This book.
This ring.
This ring in the green or seafoam.
This elephant locket necklace has to my favorite thing on here.

These tunic/dresses that my super talented and darling cousin-in-law makes. I'll take two tunics and two in the knee length dress style please :) They seem perfect! I think they would be great in a print or ikat as well.

Navy tankini from Target.

like this

That's all for now.
Happy weekend!


Shan said...

I was stressed for awhile too, but it's not bad once it happens and you've always looked very young. Hope you're doing well.

stephanie said...

30 is a good place to be.

you could totally make those tunics! maybe we should have a girls sewing night.

Elizabeth said...

You should be so proud of all you have a achieved and you are still so young ;-)
I love all your birthday wish list items and I would love it if they all turned up tomorow at my house.
Also I think you are fantastic for running away to a tropical island with your hubby. Great work!

Sarai and Nancy said...

Also I dig all the elephant cute!