Wednesday, May 04, 2011

my kids are best friends and I love it

Last Friday after our regular babysitter was unavailable I didn't feel like hunting down someone else. Trent was working hard at putting a gate into our wall anyway. We had Ashlyn and Weston over to hang out. We had a pizza picnic in the front yard while we watched Daddy work. After the cousins went home and it was time for bed we set up a two man tent in our extra room and put the 3 big kids in it (Paisley was asleep at this point). It was pretty much adorable.

 This morning I told the kids to go enjoy the trampoline before it got too hot outside. Charlotte came in to tell me that they had set up some chairs and were taking turns doing tricks on the trampoline for a "concert". My kids are awesome. What would I do if I had to entertain them myself all day?

P.S. Tucker's Spring Sing was on Monday. It's always so cute to see him on stage. I couldn't get any decent pictures because of the lighting and also the little girl in front of him blocked most of his face. But here is one of him walking off stage. I can't believe how handsome and grown up he is looking these days!
Stage left.


Denise said...

They are beyond cutness!!! Love the tent pic!

Emily said...

Looks like Henry puts on quite a show.
And actually that is stage right;)