Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Falling behind

I never said what a wonderful Mother's day my sweet husband and kids gave me. Trent got me yellow roses Friday afternoon before he left for his camp out with the scouts. Mother's day morning my kids presented me with various handmade gifts they had made in school. Tucker's card was all in cursive and I loved his sweet handwriting and laminated place mat. Charlotte had made a coupon book. Henry was feeling very bad without a gift, so he quickly scribbled me a "picture" in the kitchen and told Daddy he needed to put something in it. They came up with a sucker, which he reclaimed later that day. Trent also got me a gift card to go get a massage, that I can't wait to use. Trent's mom joined us for the first hour of church where I directed a small musical number with 8 kids involved including Tucker and then one where all the primary children sang to their mothers. The children did great and I was so pleased!
I was also able to visit my mother and we all enjoyed dinner with Trent's family that evening. It was a wonderful Mother's Day, that was only tainted by my anger and grief towards the cancer that my big sister Sarah is fighting.

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