Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pinterest (edited to add details)

Recently discovered Pinterest (click here) through my cousin Skye. I am officially obsessed. Such a fun, easy way to keep track of inspiring images. Beware of your time being sucked.

*Okay, on Pinterest you download a button to your toolbar that says "pin it" and then any time on any website or blog that you see a picture you like you can "pin it" to a certain pin board. For instance, you can have several boards, one for home decor, one for crafts, one for clothing and jewelry, one for places you want to visit. . . The possibilities are endless. You can view other people's pins, follow other's pinboards and repin any pictures that you like to your own pinboards. It's so fun and a little addictive!

P.S. The above image is from the Hawaiian island of Kauai, where I will be running away with my husband for our anniversary trip.


Fawsons said...

So what exactly do you do on Pinterest? Just choose things you like? Do you have friends? I'm confused! :)
PS. I'm so jealous of your vaca!

Robin said...

I can invite you to pinterest if you give me your email address.

Fawsons said...

Hi, my e-mail address is:
Thanks, Bridgett

Skye said...

I'm glad you like it : ), I'm jealous of the fun trip you're going to take.