Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A long week

I can't believe Christmas was only a week ago. The last week and a half has been pretty crazy.
Christmas eve was a delicious dinner and story reading and present opening with my in-laws. Christmas morning we spent at our own home with the kids. Trent absolutely spoiled me and the kids had a great time. After Charlotte's morning nap we went to my parents and spent the day over there eating and playing. Tuesday we spent lazing around and cleaning. Some of the in-laws came over for pizza and cake and Charlotte's birthday singing and presents. Wednesday morning was Charlotte's one year check up. Then we went to Bart and Dusti's to see Kim and Dan and Deret and Tristen who were down from Flagstaff. Then I took those tired kids home for a late nap. I was feeling tired and a little yucky, so I asked Karen to pick up my sister from the airport and bailed on hanging out with some old friends that I never get to see. It was probably best as I ended up throwing up about every two hours that night. Thursday was miserable, Trent came home early to help me out. That evening Emily and Brandon came to visit. It was so fun and exciting to see my sisters big belly and feel her baby, he even got the hiccups. After a night of rest I felt so much better. I decided I better go to my mom's to spend more time with Emily. When I got home I was wiped out, I should've rested more. Saturday we had a small baby shower for Emily at my mom's house. It went well and was nice. I got to see Jill who I hadn't seen for weeks. I hung out there for most of the day. Trent had taken Tucker up to Christopher Creek to play in the snow. They had a blast.
Sunday I had a lesson to teach and that evening was a stake meeting where they changed all the boundaries and created a new ward. We are in the new ward. I am so bummed that I will not be in the same ward as most of my young women, and also who knows what calling I will have now. But at least now Blake and Andrea are in our same ward. Then we hung out at Trent's parent's house for a couple hours, came home and got the kids in bed. We didn't bother staying up til midnight, but were awoken by our neighbors making loud noises and yelling profanities to ring in the new year! I woke up to the happy surprise of Trent having work off- I never think of New Years as a real holiday for some reason. Anyway we cleaned house all day and then I got groceries and then Panda Express for dinner. Tucker tickled me pink by grabbing me by the face and saying in a silly voice, "Kiss me my sugar love!" and kissing my lips!!
I finished off the evening by watching the whole first season of The Office snuggling my beautiful husband on the couch. Not bad.


Anonymous said...

i got exhausted just reading your blog. busy, busy.

we loaned the capps' the first season of the office about a month ago... they too loved it.

Tori :) said...

Robin- are you pregnant? ;)
Sounds like you had a great Christmas!!! Happy New Year!
Oh- be watching your mail for a package from me. It's a surprise!

Gina said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well. It sounds like everything else was fun though.

Don't you LOVE the office? It's so awkward and funny!

That is so sweet with the sugar lovin' kisses!

Jillsywillsy said...

Yay for throwing up!!! It is all worth it, right?

Robin said...

People, the throwing up I had Wed night was a flu bug or food poisoning. Pregnancy puking has never treated me that badly!

Emily said...

I'm sorry you had to post such an unattractive picture of me. I take it you didn't get any good pictures at the shower either.