Monday, January 08, 2007

Monday Monday

Always sad when the weekend is over. I know Tucker and Charlotte miss the time with their dad too. Last week on Wednesday I think, Trent was here when Tucker woke up, so he got him his chocolate milk and turned on his cartoons. I was laying in bed and I heard Tucker's little voice say, "Stay here with me Dad, its Saturday." So cute that he knew Saturday is his day to play with his Dad!
So the real Saturday came and we were sitting around in our jammies watching cartoons and drinking chocolate milk when surprisingly my dad called Trent's cell phone. He wanted to invite to a breakfast buffet. We are not known for turning down the offer of food and gladly joined Papa, Claire and Spencer for breakfast. What a fun way to start the weekend. Although we didn't do anything particularly special, we just had a nice weekend.
Charlotte is down to 3 breast feedings a day, one morning, one random middle of the day, and one before bed. It's always bittersweet when the weaning starts. On one hand it feels like a relief that the end is in sight, on the other hand feedings are such sweet times together.
Anyway, it's Monday now and Tucker will inevitably be asking me "What should we do today?" I usually don't have any very exciting answers to that question. What's worse. I know I need to get groceries today. Why is it that I always dread the trip to the grocery store so much?


Gina said...

I say wait to go grocery shopping when the dad gets home... then go alone... I dread the store and I only have one kid to tote.

Tori :) said...

I dread the store too. I always end up forgetting several things on the list because I miss an aisle as I chase after Taj, who now refuses to sit in the basket.

Macey said...

It's funny how having a child changes your perspective on grocery shopping-and mine isn't even running around yet!