Thursday, May 24, 2007

Baby Rewards

I didn't mean to sound so negative yesterday. Thank you for all the encouraging words. Do you ever just have a holy crap moment?
I decided that there are a lot of cool things about being a young mom and having my kids close together. Some include:
-I should be done having kids by the time I am 30-32 and can get get back to being glamorous and sexy! (ha ha ha) Maybe at least in shape.
- I will have all my kids moved out before I get really old and will get to be alone with my husband.
- I will be a cool Grandma that may even possibly have my hearing and driving skills in tact.
- My kids will all be best friends and take care of eachother and never hit or be mean to eachother. Oh wait, well, they'll be close in age anyway and get to know eachother.
-There is no love like sibling love. Siblings have to learn to share. Siblings teach eachother how to do cool stuff.

-Best of all, that new baby smell. What could be more wonderful than a baby? You can kiss them all you want and there is nothing they can do about it.
- Tucker is great with babies and told me yesterday he can't wait to see what our new baby looks like.
-Charlotte is facinated by babies and loves to touch and kiss them.
-Trent likes babies too.
-Babies can do this.

-Babies love their mothers.
-Babies are the only people who can get away with holiday outfits or matching clothes and hats!

-Being a mother is the most rewarding job ever. Sometimes it doesn't seem like it, but then you look at your rewards-your kids! Whoa! How did I ever deserve that?


Tori :) said...

All your reasons for being a young mom are my reasons too!! I figured - I started young, I might as well finish. My goal was to be done by 30. I did it with a few months to spare.
You already are a HOT MOMMA!

Emily said...

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

Macey said...

I love being a Mom!

Melanie M. McKinnon said...

That's the spirit!

Grace Ryan said...

Good Luck with everything! You are going to be a great mom of 3!!! I don't know how you'll do it but you can do anything. I can see your worries with making sure they all nap and be happy along with your happiness but you can do it all. It'll be fun. If I was there in AZ, I'd come over to help all the time. Good Luck with everything!!! I can't wait to meet baby number 3!!!