Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tasty Tuesday

Yesterday was my glucose test. I just can't ever relax before being poked by a needle. I hate it. I get nauseous and dizzy and brought almost to tears just from a little blood draw. I hate feeling like such a woos. I have never succesfully donated blood. And no, I didn't wear my "I tried" sticker around campus.
Anyway, the baby is doing well and I've only gained 17 lbs. so far, so it wasn't too bad of a check-up.
Today is Tuesday which meant we went to lunch with Grandpa. We went to Waldo's BBQ where I had a delicious pulled pork sandwich and we all shared some really great cobbler. I love food. My kids ate great and were darling. I am full and the kids are in bed for naps. What more could I ask for?


Megan said...

How fun!! I wish we had a weekly lunch date with a grandparent!! (When I say that I of course invision my mom or step-dad, even though there are lots of choices of grandparents... hehe.)

I HATE giving blood also (no, I don't donate... I am talking about the times I HAVE to give for tests, etc.) I have terrible veins that collapse & hide when a needle punctures my skin. The thing I found that works the best is to recommend the needle & location of all my blood work. Request a butterfly needle (it is one of the smallest needle) and I request it in the top of my hand. This is the only way of me giving blood & not being a bruised mess the next day. You should try it (of course you are pretty much done with the needles until your IV & epidural.

Megan said...

Oops.. I forgot to tell you I love your hair. I went to cut mine this weekend & it was supposed to be something similar to yours, but I couldn't find any pictures to show the lady. So it ended up being a rather short bob with lots of layers in the back... which is fine, but I will have to take pictures with me next time. Perhaps you could send me a front, side & rear view of your hair so I can take the pictures with me!!

Tori :) said...

I've never had a big problem with needles- I've donated a few times, etc... but I don't deal well watching other people get poked and prodded. I guess I won't be a nurse. I'm too grumpy anyway. ;)
You look stinkin' cute.

Emily said...

Great pictures.

Gina said...

Well you know I don't mind needles and I have always made fun of you and Ian for being woosy about it. Glad the test is over for you and I sure hope you passed it... I am sure you did, you are doing great with the weight once again! I remember being so jealous that you gained your weight so slowly and I packed it on like it was going out of style! Will fat booty and thunder thighs ever COME IN to style? I sure hope so... LOL!

Anyway, Charlotte looks so picture perfect and gorgeous there with Grandpa!

Melanie M. McKinnon said...

I can't beliive you've had 2 kids and you are still scared of needles. i used to be, but i forced myslef to give blood as often as i could and once you've had that 16 guage needle in your arm at least 5 times, a blood draw is a piece of cake.

Busy Bee Lauren said...

I love your hair. I was looking at the cornbread in the second picture, and I got really hungry.

Anonymous said...

In these pictures Charlotte looks less like Tucker and more like Grandpa. Wow She is just gorgeous!!!!!

I miss them, I think it's time for a visit, maybe befor or after grils night.

I cant believe that you have 10 weeks left, time sure does go fast.

Love ya lots