Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What you all come here for

Found my battery charger. Ta-Dah!
I haven't had cute pictures or much exciting to blog about, but I'm back. All my onlline time has been spent looking for more houses and my other time has been spent making our Young Women's flag for girl's camp that had to be done for tonight's Camp Kick-Off. I wasn't too ashamed of the results.

Other than that Charlotte and I have had a cold. Kind of funny when it's supposed to hit 100 degrees tomorrow. Charlotte has finally decided to call Trent Daddy- with darling results. It just sounds cute and you can tell how Trent is so pleased whenever she says it.
We have been having lunch with Trent's dad for the last 5 Tuesdays and it has just been a nice treat to look forward to every week. My wonderful husband helped me do tons of laundry and cleaning this weekend which makes him sexier than ever and I have been so happy ever since!

Today we had fun in the little pool. Charlotte is pretty much the cutest in her tankini. I can't get her to keep her hat or sunglasses on, but managed to get one picture with the shades.
Also someone told what a great idea it is to plug the crock pot in outside and not heat up the house. Brilliant! I have a whole chicken cooking on my back porch right now.


Busy Bee Lauren said...

hahaha...crock pot outside. I like it heating up our house because it is so freakin freezing! I carry a blanket around everywhere. Charlotte looks so cute in her swim suit! The camp flag looks awesome!

Unknown said...

That "someone" with the crockpot idea must be the smartest person in the WORLD.

Tori :) said...

How funny that Charlotte started saying "daddy." Liv walked in the kitchen today and said "Hi Dad" to Sei. Just outta the blue. She calls him "dad" and me "mom." Darn older siblings ruined the whole "Daddy-Mommy" thing. :(

Cute cute pics. I'm glad you found your charger!

stephanie said...

ok, her bathing suit is the cutest thing ever.

Gina said...

What a great report! I am loving that tankini too and that crock pot idea is awesome! So then your house doesn't smell like food all day either!

Liam started calling me "Ma" and I love it... no baby mama... just a real mature and loud "Ma"!

Emily said...

Charlotte IS the cutest in her tankini. Great artwork on the flag, we are impressed. And I think you stole the superhero name idea from a certain smart sister of yours... ListLady!