Friday, February 06, 2009


First of all- Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful feedback on my last post! It is so easy to get stuck in a rut and forget simple things I can do. I feel like I have a lot of new ways to feed Henry with more variety and nutrition. Thanks again!

In other cuteness. . Charlotte is always telling us that she is getting bigger. This morning she stood up next to Daddy and told him , " Look, I'm getting bigger." He responded as he often does, " Yes, your up to my hip, wow you're big," and then since she got measured at her check up last week at 36 and 1/2 inches, he added, " you're 3 feet tall, 3 feet."
To which she rationally responded, " I have 2 feet."


Michelle said...

That is so cute. Don't you love how straight forward they are. I love the new pictures on the side of you blog. SO cute!!

Klin said...

Love it. Kids are cute.

Emily said...


Gina said...

Seriously what was he thinking... I betcha he only has two feet too. LOL - that is really cute!

I tried to call on Wednesday about your previous post. Glad you got some good tips. LOVE YOU!