Tuesday, February 10, 2009

shake rattle and ROLL

Paisley is doing new things every day. Since she turned four months old a couple of weeks ago she has acquired some new skills.
She can now roll from her back to her tummy. Since learning how, she seems to have forgotten her previous skill of rolling from tummy to back, so now she rolls to her tummy and gets very angry that she is there.

She arches her back like crazy and scoots backwards all over by doing that.

She has really gotten good at grabbing things and holding on tight. Things she loves to grab include toys, her toes (which she occasionally sticks in her mouth), shirts, and hair (usually mine).
She has also discovered that she has a tongue. Henry knew about his tongue from day 1 and was always found with it sticking out. Paisley has just barely learned about this body part and much to my delight she casually pokes it out occasionally. It is darling. She also has started this cute sucking on her bottom lip thing. It is all very endearing. We just love watching her change and grow. What a little chubs!


stephanie said...

she is starting to look like her own little person. so cute, robin.

Gina said...

Gosh she is cute!! I want to snuggle her right now!!!!

Emily said...

I might have to lick her a little bit when I see her next.

Colburns said...

I can't believe she is rolling over already. Nixin is showing no signs of even wanting to do that. Oh and you can add pesto to alfredo sauce to make it even more yummy. Or you can make pizza with pesto instead of marinera.