Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Henry continues to talk

Henry is learning new words every day and it is so fun to hear him use them. Usually.

Sometimes when I set a bowl of food in front of him he puts his hands on the sides and if it is warm he says "It's hot." and won't eat it until he's been reassured several times that it's not hot, just warm. Well last night I put his dinner in front of him, he took one look at it and said, "It's gross." I couldn't help but laugh. I had made it with him in mind, no milk, no flour, no egg. But he wouldn't touch the stuff. He stuck to Corn Chex cereal. I tell myself that his appetite just hasn't been the same since he got this cold. Although maybe the yellow hue of the honey mustard chicken was less than appealing.

Later last night he made up for it when he said his first " I lub-oo." Yay!


Emily said...

Jonah just started saying "of you" and it melts my heart every time. Talking toddlers are so fun!!!

Gina said...

That is the most rewarding line. I love you!

Glad you laughed instead of cried when he said your meal was gross. LOL