Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On the fat front. .

I am a good (or bad actually) 35 pounds over my ideal weight. Gross. My body looks nothing like what it used to. Nothing. It is very hard to look at myself in a mirror right now. I realized that I try not to look in a mirror until absolutely necessary. Which in the course of my average day isn't very often, since I have usually nowhere to go, nothing to do, and nobody to see (unless you count 4 very small people that have to look at me almost their entire day). I don't get dressed in anything besides sweats except for church and the rare occasion that we go out as a couple or a family. Would you want to get dressed if you had about 4 items of clothes that fit you? And of course nobody wants to buy clothes in their fat size, because I want to be "downsizing" very soon.

I am very happy with my Jillian Michaels 30 day shred workout DVD. The recommendation for the best results are to use it along with dieting and to do the workout EVERY DAY. Well, that's not going to happen. My version of dieting so far has been eating less crap and sugar and just LESS in general and trying to cut out soda. Even diet soda is bad for you and I've been wanting to quit for years. I am also trying to drink more (way more) water.

So far I have managed to do the work out 3 days a week going on my 4th week. I am trying to bump it up to 5 days a week. I'm not sure how many pounds (if any) I have lost yet. Gotta dig that scale out of the garage! But I am definitely feeling better now that I am making an effort. Those first two days were killer and I was so sore it hurt to sit down. Now that's a pain I can live with.


Skye said...

You are so funny. I feel the same as you, so don't feel alone. With each pregnancy I've gained 40 lbs. And I hear people say that nursing makes you lose weight, but that hasn't been the case for me. I feel like I'm always hungry and that my body just holds onto that fat storage while I'm nursing. And how are you supposed to find the time to work out with young kids? But good luck, I'll have to try that video.

Lisa said...

I hear you, and my baby is 6! It does feel good to be sore... and hey, doing it one day a week is better then nothing at all, right?! Its better to ease into it and not totally kill yourself at the beginning. I HATE scales... for me it just works better on how I "feel" not what I "weigh"... how the clothes fit, etc. I also gave up pop, but I have an accasional one here and there :) they taste better that way! anyway, us women need to keep each other motivated! Plus are you counting all those calories your burning by chasing your 4 beauties around each day?!

Anonymous said...

i love you and think you are the cutest chicky i know!!
your fat SiL who hasnt had any kids and is just fat!!

Michelle said...

I know how you feel. It really doesn't matter what other people tell you it's just how you feel. I am glad your not going full blown diet, they never work for me because if you tell me I can't have I will. Working out is the best. It's so hard to start doing it, but when your done it feels great. Good Luck. I am going to start my own try to lose weight.

Tori :) said...

If Anonymous is Lauren - YOU ARE A DORK!

Anyway... it's true, you've popped out how many kids in 5 years?? Give yourself a break. I saw a pic of you on I think Lauren's blog and you are so beautiful. I always thought you were beautiful. And you have a great sense of style. (When you aren't wearing sweats...)
Don't get too down on yourself and give yourself time. And don't get the scale out. Scales suck. Just go by how your clothes fit.
I gained 15 pounds when I moved because I was depressed. When I started working out again I realized how less depressed I was! I also joined a gym so every nite Sei has to watch the kids so I can have some ME time. I love it and look forward to it every nite.

Busy Bee Lauren said...

FYI - I wasn't anonymous! Must be another SIL?

Anyway, Robin you are so beautiful. I agree with Tori, give yourself time. You can do it :)

Emily said...

BRAVO! I am so proud of you for working out consistently. You'll have to let me know how/when you find the time for it. I desperately need some exercise. I am not "overweight" but I have a muffin top and all my shirts look hideous on and I have no energy, horrible posture, no muscle tone, etc. You are awesome!

Amber said...

robin, i totally remember you when you were single, and not a mom, you had a body that rocked! and i was so jealouse. first you need to look at your beautyful children and say "they were worth it" worth destroying the body. i recently lost the weight from my 3rd baby. it took about a year. i found that i couldnt loose until i stopped nursing. i also did a diet and ive never done a diet before ever. i was so desperate! i did the cookie diet. you can look it up online. i lost about 7lbs in a week. it gave me a jump start. i eat good and excersize 5 days a week and i'm down to 115. i totally know what you are going thru- it is not fun or comfortable being over weight. i hope some of that helped. good luck!