Monday, July 20, 2009

Friday night concert

Friday night was the Jewel concert. Lindy and I went together. It was her birthday present to me. I loved it! It was a different venue than I am used to. Most of the concerts I have been to I was standing while watching. This was indoors, and dark with everyone in seats. It is always fun to watch the strange people in the crowd. An Ashley Somebody opened the show. She was young and had a beautiful voice. She actually sounded similar to Jewel, only more country. One complaint I had about the location was that there was no screen showing the performers faces, so even though we had pretty good seats it was hard to see Jewel and her expressions. Jewel was amazing of course. She was very funny as well. She told funny stories before many of her songs. It was a great night with my girl Lindy! Thank you Lobster face!
That's not my mole. It's my scab. Sexy, right?


Busy Bee Lauren said...

You look SO good, and so tan! You are a babe. I am glad you had fun!

Emily said...

You are babelicious!