Thursday, July 16, 2009


A few things are gone around here that I'm sure won't be missed too much. First off, I am finally starting to lose some weight. 10 pounds are gone and hopefully more will go missing soon. I am eating less and trying to be consistent with my working out.

Another thing I've had for much longer is gone now. You see, I've had this mole on my face for as long as I can remember. It's the one between my nose and my lip that I actually used to like a lot. I thought it was cute and added interest to my face. But the last couple of years it has been growing into wicked stepmother mole territory, which I was not so fond of. It was especially hard as my sister referred to it as a witch's wart and to have one of my primary children tell me quite loudly and matter of factly, " Sister P* you have a really big mole on your face." Okay, ouch.

Anyway, I went in to the dermatologist yesterday just to have it looked at and talk about possibly removing it and the cost and all that. When they said they could do it right then if I wanted, I decided to just go for it and avoid another co-pay. It was weird. So now I will have a scab for a couple weeks and then we will just see how it scars. So, goodbye mole.


Mormon Mommy Blogs said...

Congrats on the weight loss and I can't believe your mole is gone!

Emily said...

Moley, moley, moley. Mole!

Emilee said...

I get that crap about my mole on my right cheek from Nathan. GaucaMOLEY! I've heard it. I'm sure I will do the same one day. Congrats on losing weight, I think you may have sent it my way. I've gained about ten. Oh well.
I have to say, you have the cutest kids! I was looking at pictures of Jessica on the fifteenth and found baby pics of her and Tucker. So cute! Remember nursing them in the mexican resteraunt. It was terrifying at the time, but now no big deal. Happy Birthday to Tucker!

Skye said...

That's great with the weight loss. Congratulations, I know it is such hard work and so frustrating. But supposedly every 10 lbs is 1 size, so that's exciting!

Tori :) said...

Your mole is gone?!? That's like Enrique Iglesias when he got rid of his. :(
Congrats on losing the 10 pounds. I know where they went- my butt.
You're awesome and I miss you.