Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lake Powell '09

Well, it's time for our wrap up of our annual Lake Powell trip. *Warning* picture overload. .

Henry loved jumping into the water, from the boat and even off little cliffs.

Paisley with the wind in her hair!

Henry swingin himself in the boat.

Driving dump trucks.

Not being pregnant was pretty exciting. I even got to wakeboard a few times. I never did manage to get up on the air chair though.

Charlotte and her favorite cousin Ashlyn. I caught them walking around holding hands, cute!

Handsome Daddy and Paisley.

Charlotte playing with Paisley in the "fort".

Henry's turn.

Paisley was cracking everyone up doing her sniffy face all day.

Henry could usually be found sitting on a quad or "m-m-motorcycle." Even this one in the trailer.

. Henry liked to do this face when he saw the camera.

Tucker loved swimming, paddling the red kayak (which I managed to not get a picture of), riding the tube, and "belly boarding" (riding on his belly on the knee board behind the boat) He loved playing with his cousin Elisabeth and wanted to do everything with her.
Trent spent time on the dirt bike and the air chair (I didn't get a lot of pictures that I should have). He took us all on rides on the tube as well.It was a wonderful trip and all the kids did great and enjoyed themselves the whole time! We love getting so much time with Daddy and all our P* family and cousins!


Melanie M. McKinnon said...

my favorite is the one with the wind in paisley's hair.

Cassi said...

OK so fun. I want to go there so bad. never Been. Your kids are getting so big.

Emily said...

SO many GREAT pictures!!!! Paisley's suit is darling, Charlotte's expression in the fort is fantastic, and the action shot of Henry jumping is wonderful. When did Paisley become such a blondie? Why are your kids too cute? Oh, and I can't airchair either. Wakeboarding is more fun anyway:)

Gina said...

Playing in the fort? You meant cage fighting, yes?

I am craving me some Paisley right now! Dang cute photos!

Lisa said...

How fun, I love Lake Powell!