Friday, July 24, 2009

She's a walker (and 10 months old)!

Well, Paisley my darling, you turned 10 months old on the 19th and you are all grown up. It's been about two weeks now since you've been walking and you're already a pro. You are a little duck waddling all over this house. You can walk, pause, turn yourself around and come right back to me! You can pause to bend down and pick up a toy. You love it when we clap for you. You are always wearing that newly toothy grin or a silly face. We can't get enough of you. You are such an easy and pleasant little girl, so content to chase around your brothers and sister. You follow suit when your siblings run to greet Daddy when he gets home, it is quite endearing. You never fail to bring a smile to the faces of all you encounter. You have beautiful eyes that strangers often comment on. Your hair has gotten quite light and you are turning into such a blondie. You bring such delight to our family and my life. I love you so much.


Bonnie said...

Hooray!! She is beautiful and on the move.

Klin said...

Pretty soon she will be running!! Sassy walked at 9 months and was running by 10 months. Waaaay to early, but she was adorable.

Paisley is cute. It's cute that Henry wants to help her.

Yay for walking and keeping up with the older siblings.

Emily said...

SO cute and great dress. Jonah made me watch the video "gen" four times in a row:)

Gina said...

New walkers are the cutest!!!!