Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Couches continued

Okay, so we're not in desperate need of a couch right now, I just really want one. I've decided it's not that important that we get one right now and I am waiting until we have some medical expenses paid off (Paisley's birth-nicu, henry's tubes and tucker is getting tubes this friday). However, having said that I still can't help but "window shop" for couches on Craigslist. Here are the ones I like this week. Total mid-century modern, asking $500.

Really pretty 1940's tufted couch, asking $200.

Another mid-century, asking $300.


Emily said...

Love the top two.

Fawsons said...

Number 2!!! It's only $200, I want it too.

Bonnie said...

I like number is so dressy.

Busy Bee Lauren said...

I like the second one. I am annoyed that the people are asking 500 for the top one. That seems a little steep for 2nd hand.