Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just me

I have weird dreams. Last week I made out with a couple celebrities via dream of course. One, the guy on Bones who used to be Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Second Seth Green (who was also on Buffy). I don't know why I like Seth Green, he is short and not really handsome, but I just like him.

Last night I dreamt that I was on The Biggest Loser and also that I rear ended someone because I was trying to drive from the passenger seat. Hmm.

So maybe I'm not on the Biggest Loser ( I don't really even watch that show) but I still trying to lose weight. My last day of bootcamp was on Friday and now I am going to FitnessWorks. I have been everyday this week trying out the classes. I am grateful for Kathi who helps motivate me to get to a 5:15 am class.

Speaking of being grateful, it's almost Thanksgiving. I have more things to be grateful for than I could list. I know I named the most important ones a while ago, so here are a few more.

-Rain and cloudy days
-Diet Dr. Pepper
-Little voices in my house
-A husband who can fix anything
-A family and in laws who I love to share my life with
-Beautiful fabrics
-Pretty things
-Lovely interior design pictures
-Friends who make me laugh
-Blogs that make me smile
-Watching 4 different little personalities develop
-Being inspired by amazing women everywhere
-The gospel and my membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and the joy, comfort, hope, direction, purpose, and motivation it gives me.


Shan said...

I'm thankful for your friendship. Have an enjoyable holiday.

Klin said...

Great list of gratitude.

How do you know your dreams are weird? I think mine here when I dream of being in love with strange men or old boyfriends that I loathe cause they are cheaters. I could name a few celebs I'd like to play kissy face with- ONLY in my dreams of course. Cause in real life they have kissed more peeps than I would want to think about :)

Unknown said...

I'll be honest, I stopped reading when I heard about Angel dream cheating on me. I love Angel... :)