Friday, November 13, 2009

mom, look how strong am i

Everything my kids say cracks me up.
Tucker who speaks really well and understands so much still gets a lot of past tense words incorrect which is pretty cute. This morning he said, "Charlotte, it's not winneded, it's winned." I had to tell him it was actually won. You know, as in we won the race to get home even though Daddy pushed the speed button in his truck.

I love when Charlotte says, " You're kidding, right?" For some reason it is so cute. She still says her f's as w's which equals wancy, warty, wace, and so many other funny words. I picked her up from preschool yesterday and she said, " Mom, I learned a LOT more." She can write the first three letters of her name pretty well now, but she prefers to trace it. Her letter recognition is so much better, but she just doesn't pick it up like Tucker did. I am so happy that she loves, loves, loves school and I'm glad she gets another year of preschool.

Henry wants to talk on the phone to whoever I am talking to and the first thing he wants to say is motorcycle. He usually follows up with something about a helmet. He loves motorcycles. And Caillou (unfortunately). And construction trucks. And lipstick and shoes. I know. He says the best stuff. " Just kidding, Mom. It's just me." - after I pretend to be scared when he pretends to be a "procodile or a O-bot". He shows me his "muscles." Seems like such a big boy word. He says "no way, Jose" and finishes most of his sentences with "butt" just for fun. I follow up many words with the phrase "aronies", you know snuggle-ronies, weirdaronies, hugaronies. So anyway I called him Hankaronies the other day and he responded, " I not a ronies, I want some pepperonies." Well, okay.

Paisley doesn't say anything yet. But one look at that perfect, darling chubby face with the dimples is enough to fill me with joy every time. She does like to babble into her toy phone which is quite endearing too.

* I added a couple photos to my november's here post


Klin said...

I love the entertainment provided by my kids. Even as they grow up they provide a form of entertainment.

Emily said...

Thank you for this post. It brings me joy. Can't wait to compare our kids next week!!!

Camie Rae said...

Oh your kids are darling! And I agree, BOO Caillou! My son loves him too and I think he is a horrible little kid who whines and gets his way. But whatever, PBS! :)