Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My 501st post

So with Christmas coming up, I start thinking about all the things I would love to have. Some aren't that far out of reach. Here's hoping.

~I still want the green couch. Please Trent. He insists that me (and everyone who liked it on my blog) is crazy to want a 70's velvet green couch. But I want it bad.

~A rotary cutter and mat. Anyone have any favorite brands?

~Clothes. I've pretty much been pregnant or overweight for the last 3 years or so, so all my stuff is very flowy and it's all very old. With a couple exceptions like the walmart work out clothes and a couple of cheap shirts I bought. I'd happily take a gift certificate to TJMaxx, Ross, H&M, Forever 21 or anywhere with cute stuff that isn't a rip off. And a dress from shabbyapple.com please.

~.Shoes. I need shoes! I cannot remember the last time I got new shoes. I want black low top all star chucks. They have them at Target. I also need some good black heels and throw in some colored tights while your at it. I pick yellow.

~A guitar class for next semester at the local community college. Picture me on a stool strumming a song and singing along. Aaaah.

~Possibly a food processor. They have a coupon for them at Costco this month. Homemade salsa and vegetable purees to throw into my regular meals. Awesome.

~Contacts. I've been putting this off for months. Paisley still grabs my glasses off my face all day. I only have one pair and they are getting a little scratched up. Charlotte always tells me that I look pretty without my glasses.

There you have it. My Christmas list. What have you been wanting?


Busy Bee Lauren said...

I hope I get you for the Christmas exchange! I have so many cute ideas :)

Tell Trent that Lauren, the interior designer, KNOWS that sofa is legit.

Macey said...

Guitar lessons sound fun...and clothes of course.

Klin said...

I was thinking the entire time I was reading that you just need to have Lauren do all the shopping for your Christmas. You are a lucky SIL to have her in your family.

Now I have been wanting a rectangle, largish sized electric griddle. Pancakes and bacon yumminess. Mostly I just want my house clean.