Thursday, July 15, 2010

I wonder. .

Does anyone else ever wonder, "I wonder what Geena Davis is up to these days."

Well, I don't either, usually. But last night when Henry came in my bed around 3 he woke me from a very strange dream that I don't remember most of. Mainly an english librarian man who delivered a spiritual message to me and a young Geena Davis with long black hair.

Just more strangeties from the crevasses of my mind.


Fawsons said...

well that's a little random :). And I'm the same way while boating with my babies...stressful.

Karen said...

ahahahaha, i love how weird we are. i totally had a dream last night that i was making out with tom in front of a different gut i was dating and neither of us cared. hahaha. gross.

brimstan said...

You sound just like your mom.