Wednesday, July 28, 2010


At Lake Powell each year I get to see at least one set of his Grandparents. I love his Grandparents dearly. Ross is one of Trent's grandpas. I feel a wonderful connection to this man and have to fight tears every time I say goodbye to him. I am sure we were good friends before we met in this life. I love watching my children getting to know and interact with their great grandparents. This year as we enjoyed spending time with them at Lake Powell I felt an ache in my heart. I am so sad that my children didn't get to meet my Grandpa Jay. Didn't get to enjoy his giant "bone-crusher" hugs and get to sit on his lap and feel his wrinkly elbow skin with their little fingers. I am sad they never got to hear his voice say "So long" on the telephone or enjoy waffle dinners at his house, or listen to his jokes, or see the "Jay stick to your diet" magnet on his fridge. But, I am so glad that I got to experience it all, so that I can tell them about him. Now time for us to spend some more time with Grandma Donna!

Can't seem to upload my scanned pics of Grandpa Jay for now. Maybe better luck tomorrow.


Unknown said...

"Nobody here but us chickens"

I really don't remember the start to that joke but I remember Grandpa saying that a bunch... Also, if you ever go to Mike's house you have to smell their closet downstairs, it seriously smells just like the closet under the stairs at Grandma's house on McKlellen... I try to smell their closet every time I go down there.

Gina said...

You must be loving your new camera! Amazing photos!

Emily said...

Your post and Cathy's comment both made me cry. Which made me think, "Sing me the song of the islands", which is something Grandpa used to say when we would cry and I never entirely understood it.