Friday, July 16, 2010

More Lake Powell- Sand fun

Sorry if you're sick of all my Lake Powell pictures, but too bad, so sad. Here's more.
Paisley with her black eye being a "O-bot, O-bot".
Tucker posing as he jumps from a small cliff at the bottom of the giant sand hill. Charlotte was determined to climb to the top of the sand hill with some of her much older cousins. I had no desire to ever climb that thing, but then I decided I could use the work out so I trotted up there to help her out. It was tough and she was such a trooper. Uncle Bart got some pictures that maybe I'll get to post one day.Having fun with her favorite cousin Ashlyn! They are so funny together.Tucker joining in the fun.
Paisley getting in on a friendly push up contest I started with the cousins. I love that she won't be left out!


Karen said...

these are absolutely delightful. the one of paisley doing push ups especially gets me. is charlie wearing blush or colored sunblock or burnt..?

Karen said...

also Charlotte's ninja kick funny face is so awesome and so you.

Emily said...

Your kids are so gorgeous and these pictures are so FABULOUS!
(word verification = joyerobi)