Friday, July 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Tucker!

My little guy is 3 today! I think of him as a baby-which I sometimes call him when putting him to bed. "Goodnight baby," to which he quickly replies, "I'm a big boy." Yes he is.
You are my sunshine. You brighten everyone's day who meets you. You are beautiful-to which he would reply, "I am handsome." You are a mini Trent. You are so smart. You are so observant. You are so ticklish. You are a miracle. You give my life more meaning. You are funny, and silly, and strong, and playful. You are imaginitive. You don't like being dirty. You are left handed. You are very good at pronunciating your words and practice on the ones you have a hard time with. Sometime's L's in the middle of a word turn into D's (Chardotte, Kyder, baddoon) and you'll keep trying until you say it right. When you get really excited sometimes you will stutter the first word of your sentence ( I I I I went down the slide). You have a beautiful singing voice and love music. It brings me pure joy to hear you sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. You love bathtime-you always have. You love chocolate milk when you wake up and before you go to sleep. You love drawing and impress me with the drawings on your doodle pad. You love water,
but haven't learned to swim quite yet. You are fearless in the water. Yesterday you woke up afraid of the thunder. You love being outside. We got so much time, just the two of us, I wish we would always be buds. You are petite. You touch my heart. You do the crab walk. You say "Guess what?" You make your little sister laugh. You take her toys. You are learning to share. You love carrots and dip. You love chocolate. You love your family.
Tucker, you have a special place in my heart. You made me a mother. You will always be my baby. I love watching you grow and being here for all of it. You are an amazing little boy and I love ever talent, every flaw and every quirk. I love you and I always will!


Anonymous said...

awwww...cute little tucker is getting so BIG. happy birthday bud!

Gina said...

Happy Birthday!!! I love you and miss you, Tucker!

Great notes on what he is doing these days! It's fun to hear about his development, but I miss seeing him in action!

Emily said...

I got a little misty-eyed reading this. Man, we do love Tucker. I was thinking of him all week. Happy birthday buddy!

Tori :) said...

Sweet post Robin!! HAPPY BDAY Dude!!