Wednesday, September 06, 2006

38 months and 8 months

My blogging is mostly a journal for me to remember what my kids did when and stuff like that. I know it probably isn't that exciting to outsiders. But it also helps my brain remember how to type and I've noticed I am not as good of a speller as I once was. So it's all for me basically and I hope I am not putting anyone to sleep, but if I am, oh well.
In the Funny Things Tucker Says category I have a couple things to add to my list: actually and What the heck?
I have also been trying to warn him about strangers and that sort of thing. He often asks me to tell him more about bad guys or about getting squished by cars. He seems fascinated by these topics and can't seem to get enough of these things that I would probably rather never think about if I didn't have to.
When he is ready to go to bed he asks Trent to scoop him like an excagator(excavator) or a bulldozer.
Charlotte is eating all kinds of new things all the time. She likes variety and she likes things she can feed herself. She eats Cheerios, sliced banana, buttery crackers (like Club or Townhouse), and now even graham crackers. She has also tried cottage cheese and yogurt now to switch it up a little from the regular stage 2 baby foods. She even tried some refried beans a couple days ago.
On Labor day I finally got Trent to help me hang some pictures in her room and the canopy over her bed (thanks Gina). Now her room is the cutest in the whole house. I will post some pictures soon, I left the camera at my mom's. woops.


Emily said...

The blog is also for ME to keep up on your kids, right? Laughed out loud at the part about Tucker, again.

Gina said...

I can't wait to see photos of her room! Hurry up!