Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Free Entertainment

Tucker is pretty much the funniest kid ever. Or as funny as every other 3 year old, but still. Last night at the dinner table he just randomly says, "Mom, I don't care, change your mind. I like purple grass." Well, okay then. After he said something else ( I can't remember what at the moment) I asked, "Where did you learn that?" To which he replied, "High school."
Trent said last night, "What do you feed this kid during the day? Everytime I come home he is weirder."
Tucker (dancing) "Look at me, I'm a dancer." (Striking a pose) "Spice!"
What in the world?! (confused laughing)
This is the pose he would do in the middle of his dance and say "Spice."
After I took the spice picture he said, "Take one like this.. Let me see. Oh. Yes, sweet."
I saw this on a couple other blogs, kids answered these questions. I thought Tucker may be a bit young, but I was curious to hear what he would say.

According to Tucker about himself:

1. Something you do well.
"Fixing screws."
2. Something you wish you could do better.
"Play toys."
3. Your favorite food.
"That it's tasty."
4. 3 words that tell about you.
"umm, C, R, S."
5. What makes you happy.
"Play Bob the Builder."
6. The most important thing in your life right now.
"That I got arms and straight fingers."
7. Your favorite movie.
"Ice Age."
8. Your favorite book.
" That I like the dinosaurs one."
9. Your favorite thing.
10. Your favorite place to go.
"At grandma's house."
11. Your favorite thing to draw.
" A stegasaurus."
12. Something you want for Christmas.
13. Your favorite color.
"Umm, about green, I like green at Christmas."
14. What do you like to play.
"Toys, racecars."
15. What do you like to do when it's raining?
"Get umbrellas over our heads so we don't get rained. STORM."
16. Your favorite animal
" A camel and a elephant."

Then I am supposed to say if any of these answers surprised me. I tell you most of them did that and had me trying to hold back laughter. I was very surprised that he specified a stegasaurus, that he said a camel as a favorite animal and the thing about his arms and straight fingers completely caught me off guard. It was pretty great all in all, wouldn't you say?


Tori :) said...

Too funny Robin! I will have to try to get Taj to answer those questions. I'm positive he won't say "Stegasaurus." Tucker draws so well. Taj is still mastering the circle. ;) Miss you and thanks for the BOOTYLICIOUS email. ;)

Anonymous said...

thats great, i did it with kimber, hers wasnt quite as awesome but still fun

Gina said...

That is one smart and random child you have! He is so hilarious! That is the funniest interview I have EVER read!

Susan said...

He's a pretty lucky guy to have arms and strait fingers. Not all of us are that blessed. And I pretty much think chairs are my favorite too. Life would just be crappy without them.

Emily said...

Brandon and I were highly amused. The pictures make this post EVEN better.

Katie said...

HIL-arious. I think Tucker must be the perfect age for meme's.