Friday, September 15, 2006

It's Friday Already?

We are leaving about noon today to spend the day at Christopher Creek in a huge million dollar cabin. Cool. We have to head back pretty early tomorrow for the parent meeting for the youth sports. Yes, we signed Tucker up for soccer! I think it should be great fun to watch 3 year olds trying to play soccer. I am pretty excited, so is he.
I have to teach a lesson on Sunday. That's right, I got a calling. Mia Maid advisor. That means I will be teaching lessons most Sundays to 14-16 year old girls and going to their Wednesday night activities. I think I will enjoy it for the most part.
Next weekend we head to Lake Powell with our good friends from Utah. How we've missed watching little Liam grow. We've missed you too Gina and Ian! It almost looked like things weren't going to work out, but now it's on and I think we'll have a blast.
Tucker has been driving me up a wall. He says cute things a lot. But he's not so good with the listening or minding or being nice. He's 3 so I think I'll blame it on the age. Things he says: absolutely, actually, and all kinds of strange and funny responses which I could list all day.
Karen has stayed here the last two nights. It helps to have another adult around to soothe the soul sometimes. I even splurged and got a new shirt and skirt yesterday. Now I gotta watch my budget extra close. But I sure could use some new shoes!


Anonymous said...

I am so bummed that we aren't going with you to Powell. I am sorry. Don't hate me for forever. We will have to come down and visit.

Emily said...

Brandon thinks Tucker saying "actually" is hysterical.

Gina said...

That is cool you'll be in a cabin this weekend and a camper next weekend! We are stoked to see you all! I am thinking about finding a kid leash for Liam while we are on the beach. I STILL can't find water socks his size. I have looked all summer! Got all the other accessories though...

Sexy Robin, could you please answer your cell phone? Or call me back for Pete's sake! I love you!