Monday, September 18, 2006

Baby Steps

This Saturday Charlotte had some major breakthroughs. For one, her top two front teeth broke through. For two, a couple days bbefore that she would stand on her own and balance great instead of immediately squatting down when I let go of her. She also would initiate the letting go. So then on Saturday she decided that since she was so good at balancing why not try moving too. She let go of the coffee table and took a couple steps toward Trent. When I came in to see, she did it over and over to me and back to Trent. These steps weren't the most stable, but they were steps nonetheless. She is on her way already and she isn't even 9 months old until Sep 26! Wow.
Sunday my lesson went very well. It was on Living Righteously Amid Wordly Pressures using Daniel(Old Testament) as an example. I got so nervous and was shaking and sweating. I have gotten used to the sweating since when I was teaching Sunday School for over a year and it began at the beginning of every lesson the whole time. I am not a confident public speaker and for some reason a small group of teenage girls seems like a terrifying audience. Once I got started my voice stabilized and things went great. I was very pleased. At 5:30 we headed to my parents for dinner after a quick stop at the in-laws to say hi to Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Dan, Aunt Kim, Deret, and Tristan. My parents had invited all the kids and grandkids over for dinner. It was fun seeing Moqui and charlotte together, as always and visiting with my siblings and parents and just hanging out.


Emily said...

I taught my first Relief Society lesson last week. I was a bit nervous and sweaty too.

Gina said...

I am glad to hear of Charlotte's Milestones! She is gonna beat Liam on timing! Same as Tucker! Wasn't he 10 months exactly when he got good at walking?