Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My DVD wishlist

My sister had a post listing some things she wanted, saying that the things we want tell us something about ourselves. Since there are so many things I want-a headboard being one of the highest on my list- I decided I would just make a list of movies that I want. These are in no particular order.

Napoleon Dynamite- Trent, Tucker, and I all love it and for some reason don't own it.
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir- This is an old movie we had when I was young, I don't even know if it is made on DVD.
West Side Story- I remember being like 10 or so and watching it in my grandparents basement.
Curious George
All the Wallace and Gromit movies
Another Stakeout- I must have been around 12 when my friend Downi introduced me to this movie, we thought it was hilarious
Breakfast at Tiffany's-I've never seen it, but I feel that I should own it, and watch it.
Anne of Avonlea-I only have Anne of Green Gables and I want all the rest
High Strung- an old low budget Ben Stiller film
Annie-the one I used to watch as a kid
UHF- a weird film with Weird Al
Newsies- when I was 12 I thought the tough kid from Brooklyn was hot, then again I thought Elijah Wood was hot too.
All the Harry Potter movies

I am sure if I gave this more thought I could go on for pages. This is what came to me sitting here and I think it would give me great joy to own all of these. Now I have a goal, all I need is to buy one each month if I can spare the 15 dollars.


Jake said...

UHF is such a great movie.

stephanie said...

annie is mabel's new fav. she watches it everyday.

Emily said...

All of those that I've seen are great. I got Anne of Avonlea on VHS at Blockbuster the other day for $3! I wanted it on dvd, but seriously, $3, how could I pass that up? I rented Newsies a few weeks ago, it is still good.

Tori :) said...

Oh my dear Robin. We are kindred spirits... ;) I LOVE Annie- just bought it 2 days ago for $9.44 at Walmart. I have West Side Story. Don't watch it when you're in labor. The dancing ""gangstas" are really annoying when you're in pain. I have Hercules, Napoleon Dynamite ("GOSH!"), Harry Potter AND my little sister and I used to practice the dance they do on Newsies to "Seize the Day." Christian Bale was/is hot and if you watch him kiss that chick at the end- he looks like a dang good kisser!! :)

Gina said...

Well I guess you better make an updated list when we get closer to Christmas... you just might get a few movies from your friends and family with a wish list such as this posted. Smart idea!

We rented Breakfast at Tiffany's just a couple years ago. It was actually really funny. The male love interest is a gigolo of all things!

Millie said...

I second "UHF". Gotta have it. They have it at Amazon.