Friday, November 03, 2006

Does the hilarity never end?

So I let Tucker play the hangman game from Tori's blog. The skeleton says weird stuff while you play. I go into the next room to iron and hear the skeleton say, " Why don't you tell Vannah you'd like to buy a vowel."
Tucker says aloud,"Nana I need to buy a Powell."
Skeleton: "Are you having fun yet?" ( in a menacing tone),
Tucker: "Yes, I am." (very matter of factly).

Then as we sit down to lunch.
Tucker: "Mom, look at my hands. Which one is spiciest?"
Me: " Uuh."


Tori :) said...

Too funny! I can totally picture him saying everything!!
FYI- you put instead of No biggie. I know you're just trying to keep people from reading my very exciting blog... ;)
Miss ya!

Gina said...

I bet it's so nice having a comedian around ALL THE TIME! What an awesomely hilarious child! Love him! Miss him!

Jillsywillsy said...

I miss him too. Expect a call from your favorate cousin today.

....and if Abbie doesn't call, I will still come over and play. Ha Ha.

Tori :) said...

Which hand WAS the spiciest?