Friday, November 17, 2006

Thankful Heart

It's almost Thanksgiving. Less than a week. What a great Holiday. I have never put up a Christmas tree before Thanksgiving before, but guess what I did today? I know it's early, but without snow or sweaters or any inkling of winter other than early darkness, I was longing for something. I started thinking about getting down our tree (we bought a pre-lit, artificial one last year) a couple days ago. This morning I just decided I couldn't wait any longer. I will wait until tomorrow to decorate, so we can do it as a family. But it is up and I am glad.

That is not what my post is about today. I thought I could take a cue from Lindy's blog or Tori's thankful blog and remind myself of the countless things I have to be grateful for. I think I will post some things I am grateful for everyday until Thanksgiving.

I am especially grateful for
1. Eternal Families (Blessings of the temple)
2. My husband
3. My beautiful, silly, funny, healthy, smart children
4. My ability to have children
5. My family-quirks and all
6. Trent's family- quirks and all
7. Good friends, far and wide (Lindy, Candace, Gina, Michelle, Tori, Amelia, . . .)
8. Abbie and Jill - the best cousins I could ask for
9. Food glorious food
10. A good car
11. A nice place to live
12. A free country to live in! where I get to vote
13. Music
14. Art
15. Literature
16. Blogging
17. Phones , email, and mail mail
18. Teeth
19. Funny commercials
20. Modern medicine


Anonymous said...

I am planning on doing a Thanksgiving post! Thanks for doing this list... so great! I am grateful for a lot of the same things, though I could do without the quirks on my side of the family.

I am so behind this year... not even wanting to do a tree with the Monkey in the house... his name is Liam if you were wondering.

Love you so much!

Anonymous said...

I am on someone's thankful list!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome idea! Awesome list! Miss you!!!