Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A little update

Saturday Tucker had another game. Trent was not there since he was working with his Dad and brothers moving trash with big machines on his brother's land. These boys love tractors, skidloaders and the like.
Trent's mom came with me to help with Charlotte during the game. Tucker didn't score any goals (I think Trent is his lucky charm). However, he did a great job running with the kids and going for the ball> It was great watching him get into it! Tucker continued his photography this weekend. I think Santa may have to bring him his own camera.
Sunday Trent woke up with a bad sore throat and the kids were both coughing, so I went to church alone. Again. The lesson went well.
The kids napped really well and were acting pretty happy, so we did take them to Sunday dinner at Trent's parents house. I enjoyed looking throught the Sunday ads and eating the yummy food. The kids always have a great time there.

All photos by Tucker, except the first two.


Unknown said...

I love the artistic angles he provides. I'm sure it helps that he's only 3 feet tall.

Anonymous said...

he caught a cute picture of you! i want to com eto on eof his games

Anonymous said...

sorry im apparently handicapped

Jake said...

Before I saw the comments, I was going to comment on the new angles you get from a 3-foot-tall photographer, but I see that my wife already did that. Thanks a lot, abbie.

Tori :) said...

Tell Tucker I said "Awesome job on the pics!!"

Macey said...

He's quite the photographer!