Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Easter is great. I love coloring eggs, hunting for them, filling baskets, eating jelly beans and doing all the other stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with the real meaning behind Easter. This year Tucker is old enough to hear kids talk about the Easter Bunny. Let me just say that I don't want my kids to believe that some giant magical bunny comes and gives them a basket of treats. I wasn't even keen on the idea of Santa Clause, but at least in my mind I can justify that he represents the spirit of giving and has some symbolism that I can relate to Christ. But the Easter Bunny. Come on.
Can I just tell my children that Mommy gets them treats to celebrate the day. Tell them what the day really means and explain that bunnies and chicks are just fun because they represent springtime?


stephanie said...

you can totally do that! i have never been a fan of the easter bunny. easter is such a beautiful holiday celebrating the savior's resurrection. i want my kids to know that, too.

Tori :) said...

You can tell them whatever you want- they're your kids! :)
My kids (well, 1/2 of them) believe in the EB, but they know it's just a fun/silly part. We always concentrate on the real reason for the season. In fact, The Lamb of God video is a favorite. I think whatever parents choose, as long as they kids understand our Saviors sacrifice and resurrection, it's all good.

Special K ~Toni said...

My parents never did the Easter Bunny stuff, and neither do I. I would rather my boys know the REAL reason behind Easter. I do get them each a gift. Usually a new DVD they want.

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Easter used to be full of hoopla at my house...and I did believe in the foolish bunny. IN later years my mom has gone away from the whole easter bunny thing and it is has been great for my little brother. I think you should do what you want. Easter is such an important holiday...actually the most important.

Gina said...

I totally agree with you! Celebrating a wonderful spring holiday without a magic bunny is the way to go! I am certainly going to let Liam know that mom and dad got him the Easter presents.

Klin said...

I have a friend who has never had her children (ages 20-9) believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy. She simply has told them that it's the world's way of celebrating. They began drawing names as the children go older and they would be each other's Santa or bunny. I liked her idea so much that I adopted it. We love it. It is much more fun to see my children being sneaky about the gifts they are buying for each other than asking what they are going to get from 2 fictional characters.

Just my experience, but I understand what you are thinking. I say go with your gut and do what you want to in your own family. Either way- it will be right.


Megan said...

You know, I can relate! I love holidays & want my kids to have fond memories & fun traditions. But I want them to really get the meaning! I know that will come more with age & understanding. Here are a couple of links to some sites I have been looking at for help this Easter Season.



I'd like to think that there can be balance in all things! That we can teach our kids the wonderful truths of the holiday & still enjoy our jelly beans!

Melanie M. McKinnon said...

Being in the Nursery these days, I understand how little kids get when they are so young, so it's hard for me to think about talking to them about the real meaning of easter, but I do think it is important when they get to the certain age where you can actually communicate with them. Tucker seems to be at a good age for that. Gracie still has a few years.