Monday, March 19, 2007

This weekend . .

Andrea hung out with me while the kids had afternoon naps. My sister (in law) Michelle brought her kids over a little after 6pm. Moqui looked so stinkin cute in a darling yellow dress and pigtails. I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of the night. The boys took to the trampoline while Trent fired up the grill for hot dogs and chicken. Tucker somehow ended up with a huge bruise below his left eye. Adam came over from work and his kids were happy to see Daddy especially little Moqui. What is it little girls love about their Daddy's? Anyway Adam headed home after tucking the kids in-he couldn't take them home in his little truck and Michelle came to pick them up a little after 10. By this time Trent had been asleep in the lazy boy for about 2 hours.

We played outside with the kids in the morning, but it got hot fast. Charlotte had gotten a fever on Friday afternoon, and although it wasn't too bad, it was just enough to keep her feeling whiney and sad when the Tylenol wasn't working. Nothing of much consequence all day, housework and yardwork. I talked to my mom for probably an hour on the phone and then Trent's mom called and said that since she and Wes were going out of town next week and Trent and I hadn't spent much time together all week, they'd like to come watch the kids so we could go out. Trent and I had a nice dinner and Rosa's and then picked p a couple things at the store right next to Rosa's. It was so nice actually talking like a couple that share a life together. Sometimes i feel like we lead totally seperate lives and just happen to live in the same place. We had good discussion about Trent's job and selling our Provo home and finding a new one. It was just nice and relaxing.

Just the usual, a nice calm morning, church, and a lazy afternoon. I did manage to get roast, potatoes and carrots in the crock pot so we had a nice dinner to come home to. Too bad my kids would hardly touch it. The most frustrating thing that Tucker does is not eat dinner. I hate begging him to eat good food that I cooked for him. He also asks me the same questions over and over again which is so typical of three year olds, but tiring nonetheless. Charlotte's fever has diminished her appetite, so she mostly just wanted to drink. The kids wouldn't nap and Trent could, which left me irritated and frazzled. I found myself being resentful of all the love and attention the kids heap on Trent and that he heaps on them and I seem to get what little is left. I don't feel like that all the time, but yesterday it was just getting to me. Then last night for some reason Charlotte woke up so much! She usually sleeps about 11 hours straight, but needed a lot of rocking last night.

I am faced with my house a terrible mess. Laundry to fold. Dishes to do. Mouths to feed. I am not feeling really optimistic and cheery this morning. I am hating my hair, none of my pants fit right. I am out of money for the month. No one can come to girls night. My husband has been so tired from the last 2 busy weeks that I am feeling like he is showing me even less affection than usual.

Sorry for the vent session. I know it is less than uplifting.

BUT alas, there is good news. Our Provo home has been getting tons of action! We got 3 bids on it this weekend. We plan to accept one this morning and start closing! What a blessing and a relief. I am so excited to start shopping for a house of our own.


Tori :) said...

Awesome about your house! That was quick!!
Tajy never eats my food either. I'm waiting for him to turn into a corndog.

Melanie M. McKinnon said...

You are so lucky to have your house almost sold already. We tried to sell our house for 9 months before we finally got what we wanted out of it. I'm so glad we don't own it anymore and it will be a while before we buy again, I'm pretty sure. I hope you make it through your day today. Good luck!

stephanie said...

sorry that girls night is working this month. but that is great news about your house!

also, i love your hair.