Friday, March 02, 2007

Silly Kids

Last night, as usual the kids were having a great time climbing all over their dad when he got home from work. When Tucker climbed on Trent's lap to look at 4Wheeling Adventure magazine with him it was too cute so I had to take a picture.

Then it was time for a little play with Charlotte. Last Saturday Trent got a fabulous box from Home Depot. Sure, the new lawnmower inside is handy, but the box is the real treasure. Tucker fondly refers to it as the "kid house" now and even had me write an address on it. He chose "seventeen-fourteen" to be his house number.

After a little kid house play it was time to do tricks. Charlotte's favorite trick is sticking her head on the ground like she is going to do a somersault, I call it the "head plant". If your lucky she gets enough balance to then stick her hands up in the air behind her head and balance only on her head. She is always sure to clap for herself after this trick. Yesterday she was doing a new trick. I was holding her waist and she decided to throw her head backward to look at her dad. Tucker joined in and did some great little backbends. Whenever Charlotte is being clapped for he does her tricks to try to get the same reaction. It's pretty cute. Afterward when Charlotte was laying on her back she started rolling around steamroller style. It was a fun night for tricks.

Some new Tuckerisms:
His very own word- Amn't
Example: "No I amn't."
He says it all the time.
Also he is very curious about the different bodies of boys and girls. He is always asking if Charlotte or I have a weiner and why not. The other day he even asked me if I pee out of my butt. I couldn't help but laugh.
This morning he said he has a husband named Ronny Kachonny. I don't even know.

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Lindy said...

ronny kachony huh, thats freakin' awesome

Tori :) said...

You don't have a weiner?? What the heck? LOL!
Tucker is so freakin' funny. I wish he and Taj could run around the same room, but never talk to each other or share toys, again. That was fun. ;)

Klin said...

Both AJ and Shelby used the word "amn't!" Shelby will still say it when I think she is doing something that she isn't. "Mom. . . I amn't!"

I don't correct her cause it's just too darn cute. Guess our kids speak the same language. ;-)

Gina said...

That is funny Kayelyn had kids with the very same word in their vocab.

I love the box! Liam would be so so jealous!

Anonymous said...

i miss thm so bad already. i cry like a baby when i look at them. why is tucker so hilarious? i cant get over the husband comment!

Anonymous said...

she doesnt bump her owie when she does the trick?

Melanie M. McKinnon said...

I'm excited for when Gracie and the new boy can play together. This post of yours gives me hope.