Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Trent will be home tonight! Can't wait. I am excited to see the pictures of all the improvements he did and how our house turned out. It wasn't the newest or fanciest house, but it was where I had both my babies and it holds wonderful memories. I learned of Trent's many handyman capabilities living in that house. I made wonderful friends living in that house. I had a home in that house. So while I am sad that it won't be ours for much longer I am grateful for the time that we had there. I am also really excited to begin the hunt for another house to make our own and call home. One to have more children in and make more memories and experiment more with paint and decorating!

Well as usual my children have been doing cute things all week. Sunday when I got out of the shower Tucker was reading the scriptures by my bed. He said I could listen and I quickly grabbed a notebook. Some quotes from the Bible of Tucker:

"Jesus came and He saw the truth."

"The Nephies didn't want to see and Jesus told Santa no comin' in the store, then he saw him makin' his bed and he was mad."

"... and then Nephi was baptized and he came out of the water, and the baptizer let him out and then he was in heaven and he saw his children."

And those are just a couple.

Monday we got a couple little, plastic watering cans at Target. I kept the hose on really low and we filled those things up a hundred times so they could water the lawn with them. Charlotte has also been sporting Tucker's sunglasses and thinking she's pretty hot stuff. Tucker informed me that I need to get her her own baby pair.
Monday night Charlotte managed to get her jammie pants off. Since the house probably never got below 74 degrees she stayed pretty comfortable.
The weather has been perfect for playing outside every morning. The kids have been enjoying jumping on the trampoline and pushing dump trucks each day before baths. I plan on enjoying this fabulous spring before the real heat kicks in. I am a little afraid.


Emily said...

Tucker cracks me up as usual. Spring has arrived here too and it's lovely. Jonah has been managing to escape his swaddles lately, time for bigger blankies.

Tori :) said...

I KNEW Santa was true! Where did Tucker find that scripture?? ;)
Liv took off her pants too- and her diaper. Not fun. Time to get out the duct tape. :)
Miss ya!

Jillsywillsy said...

Wasn't there also another one like "I the Lord love you... and somebody else"?

Macey said...

That is so adorable...I'm impressed that he can read and interpret scripture so well. Good luck selling your house!

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Tucker is so funny! The Santa one was definately the best. I am excited you can start looking for a house to decorate all by yourself! That will be so much fun. Oh, and I love the weather too! I hate being cold!!!!