Monday, March 12, 2007

Long, lonely weekend

My husband is in Utah getting our house all ready to sell. It should be on the market this week. (Anyone needing a 3 bedroom house in Provo let me know.) So the kids and I have been missing that guy. I used to be so accustomed to weekends alone when Trent was a college athlete gone on meets all the time. But I've been spoiled now, and it seems so hard to not have him around.
Anyway, not only is he gone but my whole family is in Mexico for Spring Break! Not fair. I would love to be laying on the beach watching my kids play on the sand and eating fresh tamales. But alas, I am here with my 2 kids and my huge appetite. My big plans for today, a trip to Target.
The weekend wasn't totally lonely and boring though. I did get to see Jake, Abbie, and baby Sophie on Saturday. Tucker loved it. We went to the park for a bit and hung out back here later, where Sophie took a nap in the kid house. Sunday after church and naptime we got to enjoy dinner with all my in-laws. Way better than cooking for me and 2 small kids and having no entertainment. It was a great night for hanging out on the porch.
Charlotte may be picking up some vocabulary. She really doesn't say anything except "hi" if you give her a phone. However, Abbie and Jake swear that she said "cup" while holding one and this morning while looking at a birth announcement on our fridge she said,"baby" twice.
Stay tuned for more developments.


Tori :) said...

The colors look cute on your blog. :)
Livie says "Hi" "Sit" and "Alec." She makes the Dada and Mama sound, but hasn't said them like she means anything by them.
Charlotte's a cutie.

Melanie M. McKinnon said...

Fun to have Charlotte talking! Give me a call about this week anytime except tonight we are having dinner with my grandparents. Also, the only other name we really like is Parker.

Anonymous said...

That is so neat! I wish Liam would say more. He started saying please this week. "Eez" he says. He pointed to Ian the other day and said "da da", so we are headed in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Ian made lettuce wraps tonight so we took Trent some "take out". ;) The house is looking good!