Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Henry 8 months old

Well Little Darling,
You're eight months old now! Where did the last month go?

You are still doing much of the same, but continually improving. You are speed crawling everywhere and you chase me all over the house! It is so fun to watch you cruise. You play alone often, but love playing with your siblings too. You like to be held, especially when it seems that I need both hands. I am still trying to introduce you to formula. I just bought the soy kind since you are very milk sensitive. I think I am going to have to leave you for a few hours for you to take it seriously though. You hate bottles and I am hoping you will take it from a sippy. ( I am open to suggestions people.) My milk jugs need a break, they hurt. You are teething, your top gums have been swollen on and off for about two weeks now. This has also caused you to be getting up 3 times a night for "comfort". Well, I can only guess that that is why.

You pull yourself up to standing position on anything you can get your very little hands on. You are a little vacuum and put everything from the floor into your mouth. Tucker's job is to help me keep you from choking. You fall down more and have gotten a few bruises lately.

You are such a joy. I love the size you are right now! It is just perfect. You smile at me when I smile at you. You get upset when I am angry. You giggle when tickled and love your daddy's tickles the most. You still have that wonderful baby smell. Your skin is just right for kissing. We love you so much and I am so grateful to be blessed to be your mother.

All my squeezes,


Tori :) said...

**sniff sniff**

Beautiful post!

Gina said...

You are right. He is just right for kissing. Can you bring him back so I can love on him some more? What a sweet babe, that kiddo! Love him... love you all!

Anonymous said...

oh, momma I love your letters to your babies. Your right about this last month, it just zipped by. Squeezes to the Powell family!