Saturday, April 12, 2008

7 random things

Laura tagged me to do the 7 random facts about myself meme. Here goes.

1. Some concerts I have been to include Silverchair, The Edge Damn Show, The Vans Warped Tour (those both were all day concerts with lots of different bands including MXPX, Cake, The GooGoo Dolls, etc. .), Homegrown, Bush, MXPX, Jimmy Eat World, Before Braille, and lots of local shows. I haven't been to a show in ages!

2. I have terrible stage fright. I like to sing. The only formal training I've had was a few weeks from Bryce's dad when I was in high school. I am very amateur, but just like singing. I can practice a song until I am very comfortable with it and then as soon as I get in front of any amount of people over 3 my voice becomes wobbly and I totally ruin it. I have a guitar that I want to learn how to play. Maybe if I was concentrating on playing I wouldn't be so worried about my singing. I don't know. Anyone want to teach me?

3. I like to try different things with my hair. (I scanned some pictures for you, but blogger won't download them.)-Thanks to Abbie I present with some of my many hairstyles. Click to enlarge

4. I just ordered new glasses for the first time in like 8 years.

5. The thing I hate most about myself: I am a yeller. It's a learned behavior that I am trying to unlearn.

6. I love to draw. It is really hard to find time to do any art nowadays, but I am trying to make more time for it. I also like to sew. This is something I barely know how to do and need to make time to practice too.

7. I love design shows. I love design magazines. I have a million ideas for how to decorate my home, but that would take time and money.

Anyone who hasn't already done this meme, I tag you. Please do it. I love reading these things.


Unknown said...

Try opening the pictures, going to "save as" and re-saving them as jpg files.

Tori :) said...

You are so stinking talented Robin!!! And I was just telling Sei the other day how I wish I had "Robin's sense of style..." Very cool.
And your arm is totally sexy in that pic with the flowers. Holy toned!

Busy Bee Lauren said...

You totally rock all of those hair styles! I am sooo impressed. I have never seen someone with such versatile hair. My face looks ridiculous when my hair is shorter than shoulder length :(

I am going to do this tag!

Nancy Face said...

I loved reading this meme! You did such an awesome job on it! :)

I love singing too, and have experienced the stage fright thing many times, but it gets better and better if you keep doing it! Do you ever sing duets or in small groups? It's so much more comfortable to be up there with someone for support! :)

Wow, you look gorgeous in all your different hairstyles! :)

I'm so impressed when people have art talent!

daveandbri said...

Hey! I miss you. Glad you're good at blogging so I can kind of keep up with your life that way. Dave is thinking about applying to ortho school down there. Who knows where we'll end up, but that could be fun!

Laura and Jimmy said...

I love reading these things too. That was great! I wish I could play the guitar too!

Melly Mel said...

You are so cute Robin! Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. Yeah, I guess we have only officially hung out twice. I thought it was more than that... weird. You are so dynamic. I love it.