Friday, April 18, 2008

Things are looking up

I am feeling really happy this morning. Yay!

It feels like I've been stuck in a string of bad days. Nothing major, no real problems. I just felt down. I was stuck in the monotony of motherhood and the stress of 3 needy small children. I know you know what I'm talking about even if you only have one. I've been feeling like crying and yelling each night by the time Trent got home from work. Yesterday I was emotionally spent from talking out (okay we emailed) some issues with Trent that were bothering me. I was glad to have my feelings out and feel understood when we were all done.

Well, last night was Bunko night. I won this darling prize- a necklace for Charlotte. The charm says drama queen. I love it. On top of that I got to talk to some of the funnest, cutest, coolest girls until 11 pm. Way past my usual bed time. ( I'm a loser.)

Henry had another good night, which means that I did too. I woke up warm and comfortable to the sounds of darling baby squeals. ( I didn't even mind that it was 6:15 am, I'm used to that now.) My wonderful husband took care of the big kids' milk, turned on cartoons, and took Henry out to socialize with the kids like he usually does. I was allowed a little more time in my warm bed enjoying the darling sounds. It felt so nice today. I allowed myself to enjoy it and not dread getting out of bed. I was happy to have Henry join me in bed for his "boo-boo milk", he was absolutely adorable and sweet.

Now I just hope I can keep up this positive outlook for the rest of the day. Wish me luck!


Tori :) said...

I'm glad you're having a better day. Have you ever considered taking St. Johns Wort? I don't know if you can while nursing, but maybe after. It's a natural mood enhancer and it really does seem to help for the most part. (I take it.)
I'm glad you were able to work some things out with Trent.

Melanie M. McKinnon said...

i say good luck! i can't wait to see you next week but would sure be willing to see you sooner. give me a call anytime, missy!

amanda p. said...

hey! I'm so happy when I see you in the halls at church now and then! I totally miss working with you and see your cute family every week! Also, I was looking at an old friend's blog and saw you know them too! Its Brent and Joanna. I grew up in the same ward as her! What a small world. How do you know them?

Emily said...

Any luck with the bottle feeding? I hope Henry continues to have good nights and that he gets some new teeth soon:)

Marie said...

So glad you're in our bunko group now. You are so cute and fun and I'm glad you think we are too!

Kaylani said...

dang! i've been in a funk for about 2 weeks now! what's going around? it's really wearing on me. let me know if you figure out anything that works!