Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Birthday Boys (Tucker)

Henry turned 3 the 27th and Tucker turned 7 on the 28th. We've had so much fun celebrating and we're not quite done. We celebrated Tucker's birthday with Trent's family on the Sunday before his birthday. He had so much fun playing with cousin's, eating cake, and of course, opening gifts.

Then on his birthday he requested eggs and toast for breakfast (I thought it was funny he chose that over pancakes or waffles.) Of course he couldn't wait til breakfast to open his presents. The kid woke up at 6:15, he thought it was Christmas or something. I also thought it was funny that he asked me if Daddy knew what his presents were (he did not).

The day after his birthday we had my side of the family over for swimming, chicago style hot dogs, cake and ice cream. We had a ball!
Tucker's cake was a lego piece.
 I will recap more when I cover Henry's birthday. But for now I'm off to change a diaper, clean the kitchen, and make dinner.


Klin said...

7!!! Wow. I remember waiting to hear his sweet little voice in Sacrament meeting asking for the bread.

I love the lego cake. And it was totally clear what it was. My question is what is the cake next to it? It looks delish.

Robin said...

Klin- It's just a devils food cake topped with chocolate pudding, cool whip, and crushed oreos with mint filling. Lauren told me about it and it was very tasty! Looked great as a dirt heap for me to top with a toy four wheeler as well!