Wednesday, August 18, 2010

9 years

  This day nine years ago was the smartest I've ever been, cause I married this guy!
I remember being so overwhelmed with love and gratitude that day, knowing we would be together forever. I never could've imagined how much more I would love you today.

You might not remember meeting me for the first time at pole vault camp when I just turned 16 and you were about to turn 19, but I remember. I'm so glad that fate (and pole vaulting and some mutual friends) brought us back together for a "blind" date when you were 22.I am the luckiest girl in the world and I know it.


Somer said...

Who's the chick next to him?

Robin said...

It was a girl that I pole vaulted with in high school. We all thought he was hot, so I took a picture of her sitting by him.

Gina said...

Happy Anniversary! Love and miss you guys SOOOOOOo much!

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary!!! We just had our 9 year on Monday! You guys are the cutest together. I miss your family. Next time your in Utah we should do luch.

Elizabeth said...

Happy Anniversary and congrats on 9 happy years.
Heres to many more for your family :-)