Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Busy, me? yup

Last Thursday was busy. And really fun. In the morning I took Henry with 2 of his friends to preschool (along with 2 of my other kids in the car- it doesn't take much to fill the seats of the suburban these days). We went from there home to get dressed, then off to Costco with the girls where we grabbed groceries and a hot dog lunch for the kids. Straight from Costco to Charlotte's school to drop her off, then to Kathi's to drop Paisley off while she kept her and Henry so I could go to lunch for my sister Sarah's birthday. It was yummy and fun. My mom, sister Karen, SIL Lauren, and Grandma Donna were all there. I only got a camera phone picture which I can now not seem to get off my phone and onto my computer unfortunately! The day had me very grateful to be able to spend time with my sister Sarah. When Sarah had her second brain surgery early this year and the diagnosis was cancerous this time we were told that her time with us may be very short. My mom was worried that she might not make it to another birthday and here we were sitting at Paradise Bakery, eating, talking, and laughing with Sarah and my heart feels so full of gratitude for that gift.
After I picked up a couple of pizza's from Papa Murphy's, collected my children and came home, it was time to get ready for girl's night at my house. Cleaning, making cookies, and chocolate dip for strawberries and pretzels consumed the rest of my afternoon. Then the girl's showed up. I had grand plans to take plenty of pictures, but neglected to ever get out the camera. You'll just have to take my word that it was a great night. There was about 10 of us eating, laughing, and playing Scattegories.

Today promises to be another busy one. By 7am I had already gone to the gym and grabbed a few groceries from Walmart. Now I'm off to take kids to preschool and then straight to visit teach some lady friends. From there I will have a little time to feed the kids lunch before taking Charlotte to school and coming straight home to put the kids to bed before a primary meeting at my house! At least I get to rest tonight. Maybe pancakes are in order for dinner?


skinners said...

i'm tired just reading that! and i'm glad you were able to be with sarah on her birthday. i've been thinking of you!

Tori said...

How do you go to the gym so early? I tell myself all the time I should go when Tristan goes to seminary, but I'm a big pansy. Talk me into it.