Saturday, August 21, 2010


Our anniversary was Wednesday which usually would mean we would wait to celebrate on the weekend because Trent has scouts Wednesday nights and it is a school night for sitters. However our usual sitter has not started school yet, and I talked to Trent's partner in scouts to get him out of it this week (without him knowing it). I was planning to surprise Trent by picking him up from work, but since it took me a little longer than I wanted to get away I called him when he was about to leave and asked him to meet me at a certain intersection. He was confused, but came to meet me. I wanted to try a new restaurant and go somewhere a little nicer than a regular date night. I looked at tons of restaurant reviews online and asked people for recommendations. I am kind of a food brat when I go out (which is funny because I am not a good cook at all). Nothing sounded super great to me except a couple places. I wanted to eat in Northeast Mesa so if another storm like Tuesdays rolled in we could drive out by the river and watch the lightning or if it at least cooled down we could lay in the truck bed and look at the stars. I was debating between two Italian places (which Trent doesn't usually love, but they had great reviews and I was hoping great steak) I decided on Alessia's after reading an article about how romantic and tasty it was. Now I wish I had chosen Caffe Boa Bistro. But oh well. The restaurant was tiny and I'm not sure why it was called romantic (maybe if it had been cool enough to sit on the cute little patio- so many of the places considered romantic were because of cute patios with romantic lighting and fireplaces, but that's just not really an option when it's 110 degrees out). My entree was tasty but the appetizer, salad's and Trent's steak were just average. My very over thought out plans didn't quite pan out how I wanted. After dinner there was no sign of clouds or any cooling down so we headed to the theater to see Inception. At least that was great!

And did I mention that instead of a card I gave him a deck of cards, and on each card I wrote one reason I love him or one thing I love about him! That's 52 things, and I could've thought of more :)


Tori said...

I'm sorry it didn't all go as you had planned. I think it's super sweet that you put so much thought into it all.

brimstan said...

Thanks for thinking about your husband. I know some husbands who would not go to the effort you went to, but they would really appreciate it. Happy anniversary.

Elizabeth said...

I overthink most plans and Im really sorry yours didnt work out so well. I agree with Dad you are a great wife for putting the night together.

Josh Healy said...

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