Saturday, August 07, 2010

some recent pictures I want to share

Princess Charlotte and cousin Princess Moqui
Check out Aunt Jen in the background!
Henry taking his duties as an older cousin very seriously with baby Stella.Henry with his Aunt Sarah who just adores him!
Me with my mom and dad!
The girls relaxing with their Daddy after church. Cute chicken, right?


Unknown said...

Did Paisley wear that chicken outfit to church? Cause everyone else is in their Sunday best. I mean it's fancy and everything, just not really the right kind of fancy.

Robin said...

We try not to stifle our child's creativity with phrases like "the right kind" and such. If she wants to express herself by wearing a chicken suit to church, who are we to say no?

Emilee said...

Your kids are so cute Robin! These pictures sure do make me miss you! I hope one day we could get together! Do you ever head to UT?

Emily said...

Oh Abbie and Robin, I love you and your comments. I was just thinking, I'm glad that chicken costume has seen SO much use. Good purchase.