Thursday, July 26, 2007

Charlotte is 19 months old

Gina writes her son beautiful letters each month documenting his growth and milestones. I am not as diligent or thoughtful, but would like to tell Charlotte about all the wonderful things she does as she is about to become a big sister.

My beautiful little girl,
You are 19 months old today and about to become a big sister. You are still my baby, so referring to you in this grown-up term of big makes me a bit sad. I know this will be a hard transition for you, it will be hard for me as well. I know at times I will not be able to hold you when you would like to be held or give you my undivided attention and I am sorry. For this reason I am almost glad that you are such a "Daddy's girl". I know that you will be able and happy to turn to Trent for comfort and affection. In another way I am not worried about you. You are always happy to follow your big brother and do what he does. You two get along and play so well, it is such a blessing and a joy to see the way you love each other. I know that will help you get through this baby brother's newborn phase as well.

Charlotte, you are a free little spirit. You are intelligent, you are giving, you are silly and very strong. This month at the doctor, the nurse commented on your amazing stomach strength as you fought me to sit up when you were supposed to be lying down. You are such a monkey. You can climb anything and you do. You are fearless, which scares me to death. You love playing in water, being thrown around and playing rough with Daddy and Tucker. You can be very stingy with your hugs and kisses and then you can suddenly turn around and hand them out very generously.

Although you are tough and wild and love being with the boys you also have you very girly side. You love to carry anything with handles around like a purse. You love to play Mommy to your dolls, wrapping them up and carrying them around while patting their backs. You are very patient and usually allow me to do your hair with little resistance and love to look in the mirror at the finished results. You beam when we tell you how pretty you look. You already like to try to change your clothes several times a day. You have not mastered the art of changing clothes, but you certainly enjoy taking them off and trying to put new ones on. You like to drape anything silky or colorful around you, like underclothes, or my swimsuit. You love shoes of all shapes and sizes and usually prefer to tromp around the house wearing only one. Your eyelashes are still as long and curly and they were when you were a tiny baby. You have a darling button nose and your dad's cute little ears.

You love animals and do the most darling animal noises. My favorites include the elephant, cow, and horse. Instead of quacking for a duck you say "duck, duck" in the same tone that we say "quack, quack". You love to be read to over and over. I love the way you bring me a book and back into my lap to be read to. Some of your favorite books include If You Give a Pig a Pancake, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, your 2 Bob the Builder board books, and anything with pictures of animals or babies. I enjoy our morning time together when Trent brings you to me in bed and you drink your chocolate milk while I read to you. This only lasts until Trent is out of the shower and you can spend your time chasing his legs as he gets ready for work, but I love it while it lasts.

Your communication is still pretty limited. The only signs you use are for milk, more, food, dad, please and the occasional animal sign or airplane. You say mommy and daddy often and something close to Tucker. You say belt and buckle and love to play with any buckle you can get your hands on. You say kitty, please, thank you, uh-oh, owie, no, tickle, bye, and sometimes Nana or Papa. You imitate words we say, but usually only get the first half. I know you understand every word we say and that you will speak more in that cute little voice when you are good and ready. You like things to be your idea.

Charlotte, I love you so much. You bring such joy and contentment to my life. You bring me smiles, lots of laughs, and tears of joy. I watch you in wonder and wish you didn't have to grow up so fast. I love when you let me tickle your soft legs and arms and especially when you request those tickles by placing my hand on your leg. I am so thankful to be your mother and hope I can manage to secure a loving close relationship with you throughout your life. I want you above all to be happy.

All my love,


Melanie M. McKinnon said...

Happy Labor Day!

Unknown said...

Very sweet letter. You included very small details that you will be glad you recorded later. My favorite part was how she says "duck duck". So cute.

Busy Bee Lauren said...

This was a precious letter. I know Charlotte will treasure this when she is older. You are a wonderful mom!

Tori :) said...

Such a sweet letter!! Charlotte actually sounds A TON like Livie. I could totally see them as teens:

Livie: You tell your mom you're spending the nite with me. I'll tell mine that I'm spending the nite with you. Then we can go to the concert in Vegas.

Charlotte: Woo hoo! I'll drive!!

A couple of days later:

Me: So, did giggling girls keep you up all nite the other nite??

You: Huh?

R u in labor yet?

daveandbri said...

You're such a good mom. Your next little one is lucky to have been born to you . . .so tell him to hurry up and come meet you face to face. Any day now would be good.

Nancy Face said...

Such a precious letter! I especially loved the "duck duck" part and the tickles, too! The last paragraph made me teary.

I'm so excited for you to meet your sweet new baby boy! :)

Thank you for the extra-nice card in the made my day! :)

Gina said...

I love this letter, Robin! Well done! I wish you did this more often... I feel like I know her better after reading this. She is so smart and creative and just so sweet! Thanks for indulging us all and posting her milestones and beauty!

Grace Ryan said...

she is such a cutie. so no baby yet? sorry to hear but you are great to hang in there. i'm thinking about you girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

You just gave birth this morning, I am so excited to see you and talk to you and hold your little Henry. Reading this brings me tears of joy. The way that you have shared your family and your feelings here on your blog, fills me with gratitude to witness it all.

I love you.
Charlotte is a Lucky baby!