Thursday, July 05, 2007

You guys are the best!

Thanks so much for all the great comments. I am feeling the love. I do not feel like crying today and that is great.
The house stuff is getting figured out. I will, of course, post about it when I know more details. Though I may have to move with a brand new baby in tow, that is definitely not the worst thing in the world.
We had a fun Fourth of July evening at Bart and Dusti's. Thank goodness for an awesome pool to play in since it was 116 degrees. We all had a fabulous time swimming, eating, and playing. Tucker did sparklers and enjoyed the fireworks. I left with Charlotte at about 8:45 since she was about to fall over asleep any second. She was out like a light as soon as I started driving.
I wish I had gotten pictures of all the pool fun, but I was too busy with Charlotte and didn't want to risk getting my camera wet or lost or melted by the sun, so I left it inside.
I did however swipe these pictures of Trent, Blake, and Bart off of Andrea's blog.


Tori :) said...

I'm glad you had a happy (hot) 4th!!

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Yay! I am glad you are feeling better. Your 4th sounds cooler than mine.

Emily said...

Had to go to Andrea's blog so I could see these great action shots full size. These brothers are such fun. Trent's lookin' as white as pasty-lab-boy bro-in-law Brandon.
Keep in mind that the menfolk will be doing all the heavy lifting of your move and you can try and relax.
Hope you and Charlotte can just enjoy a week without the boys, hang with Sarah & Michelle & Mom and their boys instead. Go see Steph and Abbie and swim at their pool.

Grace Ryan said...

no, thank YOU for your sweet comments. You are always so good at building everyone else up. Thank you for the sweet things you said. I'm not close to any of those things, but hope to be someday. You are awesome Robin. Love you :) xoxo